Roger Sanchez - Again

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Текст песни Roger Sanchez - Again
Question…Have you ever had one of those days where nothing

Seems to go right?

I mean u wake up in the morning at what u think is the crack

Of dawn…only 2 realize that your alarm clock didnt go off 4

The 3rd time this week…

And now you are 2 hours late 2 work..and u say 2 yourself…

Here we go again

So u jump out of bed, brush your teeth,skip breakfast, run

Down the stairs…only 2 discover that u park in the tow away

Zone, which, had u been up on time, wouldnt have been a

Problem…but u werent up on time were u? which means they

Took your car…and now u have 2 go 2 the impound yard and

Pay that astronomical fine just 2 get it back…and u think

Here we go again

Of course now u are 3 hours late 2 work, and when u finally

Get there, your boss just looks at u and says

There you go again

Dont even bother 2 explain, he says, cuz I dont wanna hear it

Just get..your shit..and go!

Man u cant catch a me..its like..

Im up in the club on a Saturday night, just kickin it with my

Boys u know…chillin..having a good time….the dj throws on

My favourite dancing with this sexy-ass honey…

And in walks my girlfriend

She takes one look at the situation, comes directly up 2 me and

Proceeds 2 man

Here we go again!

We go up, down, turn around

Baby here we go again

We go left, right, and do it all night

Baby here we go again
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