Rapsody, Hit-Boy - Asteroids

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Текст песни Rapsody, Hit-Boy - Asteroids
First name Marlanna, last name Evans (Hello)

Underappreciated, but I'm still the most respected (Right)

My insecurity is the fear of being rejected (Uh)

When you this raw they listen with an erection (Uh)

Niggas pull the Drake before they rap about affection

There I go, hard to rap without a message (Yeah)

My biggest flex is I can stand on what I did (Flex)

Never faked anything, the cars or how I lived (Lived)

I ain't no millionaire, I ain’t no bitch

Real niggas don't shoot, they talk with they fist (Huh)

Lose some, win some

Live another ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty

It ain’t worth doing the bid (Never), advice I give (Yeah)

How I'm underpaid when a motherfucker like me

Is nice like this? Nobody write my shit (Yeah)

I should wake up in Jacob

Make what they make and drive a four-point-six (That's crazy)

I went Roc boy to hot boy, to Hit-Boy, them big boys

Y’all threw some rocks at me, I threw back asteroids

Y’all crazy

I’m crazy
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